Finance and Restructurings

Our clients benefit from our understanding of the thought processes of adverse parties and our ability to devise solutions acceptable to all parties in the field of structured finance and securitization, workouts and other asset resolutions. With that in mind, Brown & Associates, PLLC offers our clients extensive experience in dealings with the recent flood of commercial real estate loan defaults with a specific strong knowledge base in dealings with forbearance, foreclosure, transfers in lieu of foreclosure, complex loan modifications, discounted payoff negotiations, bankruptcy, construction and environmental issues and the prompt disposition of large quantities of OREO property. We encourage all our clients to be proactive in developing strategies that will maximize recoveries while managing risk.

A sampling of some of the work we perform in this area is as follows:

  • Restructuring of non-performing loans and loan pools secured by properties in multiple jurisdictions;
  • Foreclosures of complex operating properties and buildings under construction;
  • Avoidance of lender liability claims and, where necessary, defense of them;
  • Receiverships and bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Debtor in possession financings;
  • Advice in completing development and construction projects and resolving environmental issues;
  • Disposition of diverse types of pools of OREO property;
  • Restructuring of complex leases;
  • Liquidating properties diminished by subprime lending;
  • Failed apartment and condominium developments;
  • Buying and selling assets for hedge and venture capital funds;
  • Setting up special purpose entities to buy, manage, and sell OREO property;
  • Seizure of rents from tenants;
  • Legal advice to lenders funding the completion of partially constructed projects;
  • Sales and disposition of collateral;
  • Foreclosures of mezzanine debt collateral; and
  • Distressed debt trading, troubled loan resolution and bank turnarounds, workouts and restructurings.